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"Once I was" - MHUG's anti-waste project

Beauty is timeless, and it would be a shame not to re-evaluate it. But this is not the only reason that prompted us to create this project: tons of fabrics are sent to the pulp mill every year, a custom that is the result of a market continually stimulated by useless needs, with a compulsive hunger for novelty.

Fabrics from the waste of high fashion creations, pret a porter; fibers such as silk, velvet, wool, up to shimmering and super rock lurex.

We went in search of these wonders, otherwise destined for landfill, and thought about how they could be welcomed into our reality. It is unthinkable to use them to produce our baby carriers: only certified fabrics, no exceptions.

We therefore thought of embellishing the gift boxes, eliminating the pre-existing packaging and producing baby carrier cases, all different, until we end up with rolls of wonder.

We like to imagine how they could be used in the future: as a travel linen bag, a document holder and, in moments of pure romance, even as a love letter case!

Only for the most valuable ones have we thought of a different destiny, building the exteriors of our Covers for Mei Tai , lined with our fabrics: in this way, in contact with the baby, only safety; in view of the world, the beauty.

"Once I was" for us is a way of giving new life and renewed dignity not only to fabrics, but also to the hands that produced it, to the creative minds that designed it. At work, what ennobles man.

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The first hug

Semi-elastic baby wraps in Bamboo, enveloping and safe, like mom and dad's arms. It is a soft cuddle, the ideal sling from birth up to 9 kg.

Also perfect for premature babies (after hearing the doctor's opinion).

The most versatile

Our flagship product, covered by patent. Compared to a normal baby carrier, it allows you to wrap the baby naturally following the line of his body. From 3.5 kg up to 18 kg.

For continuous "ups and downs"

The smallest baby carrier around, practical and quick to put on, it's perfect for accompanying the thousand requests " your arms!" . Indicated from when the child supports his head independently, from about 4-5 months up to 15 kg.


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