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Bamboo Wrap

Ecological and natural, in 100% organic bamboo fiber certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I. Light and delicate like a silk scarf, for this reason it is indicated not only for newborns (up to 9 kg) but also for premature babies ( having heard the opinion of the doctor) who will benefit from skin-to-skin contact with their parents.


Why a bamboo band?
  • it is super soft : to the touch it has the same softness of silk and cashmere (therefore perfect for the delicate skin of newborns)
  • it is naturally antibacterial
  • it is very absorbent : bamboo is 300% more absorbent than cotton.
When is it used?

Bamboo wrap is indicated not only for newborns (up to 9 kg) but also for premature babies, after hearing the favorable opinion of the doctor.

Composition and washing

The fabric is 100% bamboo viscose. Machine washable, for details refer to the label.

To avoid tears in the fabric we recommend placing MHUG Bamboo Wrap in a laundry net.

Is the material certified?

Yes, with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class I certification, the most restrictive as it is intended for products for newborns. Dense and compact yarn, for excellent support and weight distribution.

What properties does bamboo have?
  • It has excellent ventilation and moisture absorption properties: in the height of summer it can absorb and evaporate sweat in a few moments, keeping the body's temperature up to 2 degrees lower than normal fabrics.
  • it is antibacterial
  • it is thermoregulating


Babywering school Mammole

Irene De Pieri, teacher of the Babywearing School Mammole , presents the MHUG products. In this video, teach how to best use our Bamboo Wrap.


Dr. Antonio Marra, Head - Neonatal Intensive Care

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Dr. Ilaria Stucchi, Neonatologist.

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Dr. Marina Baldocci, Obstetrician.

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Dr. Piera Angela Bongiovanni, Obstetrician

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Dr. Maria Grazia Biagini

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Dr. Silvain MIstichelli, Osteopath

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Dr. Federica Mattei, Psychologist

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Dr. Franco de Luca. Pediatrician and author of "Children and too many medicines".

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Dr. Emanuela Geraci, Prenatal Counselor and Doula

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Dr. Angela Di Noia, midwife and breastfeeding consultant

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Dr. Laura Allemagna, expert in neonatal bioenergetic massage.

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Ospedale Moncalieri Torino

Since May 2012, the Pediatrics-Neonatal Intensive Care unit of the Santa Croce Hospital in Moncalieri, which I direct, has started a collaboration with MHUG aimed at the implementation and facilitation of Kangaroo Mother Care therapy in our ward. The project consists of training for NICU operators and the supply of specific bamboo fiber slings for premature babies designed together with MHUG... to facilitate skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby. The mothers accepted and appreciated them.

Dr. Antonio Marra
Head - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Santa Croce Hospital, Moncalieri (Turin)
Ospedale Civile di Montebelluna

The 100% composite MHUG elastic band viscose bamboo, with OEKO-TEX® certification Standard 1000 is a high quality support, very soft to the touch and with a truly valid performance. The band manages to give excellent support and good weight distribution and at the same time has the ability to be gentle like a hug even in cases of premature newborns. Not bulky, easy to take anywhere, it can also be used by novice parents as it forgives small tying errors. I recommend it for newborns, especially in cases of prematurity or in newborns with low birth weight, and to all the triads that appear in the world of babywearing. A band that is a second skin, a soft embrace.

Dr. Chiodero Isabella
Neonatal pathology and neonatal nurse at the Montebelluna Civil Hospital, Treviso


Flavia Cercato
TV presenter and writer

I am also a hospital doctor specializing in Anesthesia and Resuscitation and an expert in the cardiac and pediatric sectors. I was still pregnant with Marco who bought the MHUG band and then the Mei Tai. I am no longer separated from it! A further - and by no means secondary - aspect that I love about the MHUG world is the excellence of the fabrics, and the fact that everything is Made in Italy. It is an attention and a signal of quality that is by no means taken for granted, and which cannot leave those who have only started shopping for babies indifferent.)

Dr. Stella Armini
Anesthetist and resuscitation doctor

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