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These are some of the questions you have asked us over the years. Click on the questions that interest you. Thank you, also through your experiences we have been able to know more every day. In case you would like to learn more, we are always available.


What is Babywearing?

Babywearing means "wearing - or carrying - your baby attached to you in a soft baby carrier. This practice has been adopted by mothers all over the world for thousands of years. The benefits of prolonged mother-baby contact are considerable: both practical, physical and above all psychological. For both.

What are the concrete benefits of babywearing?

Some examples: leaves hands free to take care of other chores or older siblings, facilitates breastfeeding on demand, discourages strangers from approaching and touching the baby, helps with postpartum depression, relieves arm, shoulder and back fatigue, is useful in the development of the baby's back and trunk, reduces crying, colic and gastric reflux, promotes attachment and trust between parents and children, increases stimulation in total safety.

When can I start carrying my baby?

Immediately, with the right technique. That is, in front, baby in fetal position facing towards the bearer's chest. The upright position will help the newborn to control gastric reflux, which is often very painful. Gradually and after a few weeks, you can start
try to make him sit with his legs apart. Without ever trying. Every child reacts and grows differently. All children love contact with their mother or father's body, for them it is necessary. Even premature babies benefit enormously from Babywearing, also called
“Pouch therapy” (carried out after the doctor's favorable opinion). So you can start from birth (full-term pregnancy) and continue up to 18kg and beyond. After around 18 months your baby carrier will become a pocket stroller, when the child is tired of walking and needs a "lift".

Doesn't wearing prevent the baby from breathing freely?

No, on the contrary, it helps to regulate it. In fact, the newborn tends to synchronize breathing and heartbeat, on the rhythm of that of the adult.

Keep in mind that the baby's airways must be constantly monitored and kept clear. The danger of suffocation can in fact derive from having blocked them. (eg, pressed against the tissue and/or the wearer, etc.). In the " security" section, more information.

What are the differences between a MHUG baby carrier and a common baby carrier?
  • In MHUG baby carriers the physiological position of the newborn is respected. The well-being of the wearer's back is guaranteed, since the baby's weight is discharged, unlike other baby carriers, over a large surface.
  • The structure of the MHUG supports, soft and enveloping, does not compress or press on the baby's spine. The sitting position, and not hanging (as in many baby carriers), allows you to put the weight on the bottom and not on the genitals.
  • MHUG baby carriers can be worn in different positions, they don't strain your back and you can use them for years!

Here you can find all the specific information.

Can I use a baby carrier even if I had a caesarean delivery?

Most women who have a normal recovery can use it about 3 weeks after giving birth. Of course you have to use more caution, for example fasten the base higher than the cut and wait a few more days in the presence of discomfort or pain. If difficulties persist 6 weeks after the cesarean, it is advisable to consult your obstetrician or gynecologist.

Can dads bring their children too?


if a parent does not have the opportunity - for various reasons - to know the habits of their baby well, carrying it has significant advantages: if the newborn starts to cry, there is no better way to reassure him than to wrap him tightly against his body to make him feel protected and safe. It is also the best way to create a deep relationship between father and baby . Especially for fathers who, often due to work, are unable to spend much time with their children.

Can I breastfeed while wearing my baby?

Absolutely yes. One of the advantages of MHUG products is precisely the possibility of breastfeeding anywhere without anyone else noticing. In the MHUG Mei Tai, just lower the baby a little, loosening the knot on the suspenders slightly and fasten the collar. The "open tail" of the MHUG Sling instead turns into a discreet curtain. So you can breastfeed anywhere

My mother-in-law says that by bringing him he will become a spoiled child...

Continuous contact with parents is not a vice but a necessity developed over millions of years of evolution. Without this innate sense of attachment human babies would not have survived and our species would have quickly become extinct. Responding to your baby's calls will build his confidence, making him independent without anxiety or stress on both sides.

If your mother-in-law is still not convinced…give her our number or email ;-)

Everyone has their say... who should I listen to?

To yourself, first of all. Once you have learned the basics and learned with awareness how to carry your child safely, do not listen to those who have their say (often without foundation) to discourage you. You and your baby enjoy closeness and intimacy, the way only you know how to build, without interference.


My child doesn't want to be carried: am I doing something wrong?

No, you're not necessarily doing something wrong... it could just be reacting to the wearer's discomfort, who doesn't feel safe enough. Children absorb our emotions! Not only that, they feel every movement and every muscular tension of the wearer. Or when you start he is already older (he is over 6 months old) and is no longer used to this type of containment). Some tips to get started:

  • before placing him in the baby carrier, make sure he is fed, clean and relaxing;
  • reassure yourself first with some tests, it will also have positive effects on the baby;
  • use dolls or soft toys and have someone help you the first few times you wear it;
  • as soon as you put it on, your baby starts moving and, if you can, go out. Newborns love movement (big belly memories!);
  • play while he is in the baby carrier, sing if you feel like it: it's a wonderful way to interact with him;
  • start with the front position (even if the baby is older). Once you have become familiar with the baby carrier, you can move the baby onto his back.
...what if my baby suffers from gastric reflux?

The ideal position is precisely the vertical one. For these children, babywearing is a real salvation because they can sleep without being continually awakened by acid and painful gastric reflux.

What is the relationship between crying and contact?

A child who can develop no bond and no trust will always remain anxious and dependent. If a child hasn't received bodily contact, he can't even dissolve the first ties to develop (because only a satisfied need is a left need!). If I don't want to spoil a child and therefore keep him at a distance, he will demand my closeness more vehemently (through desperate crying). It will never again be so easy to give a child contact and security as in very early childhood, i.e. the age he WANTS to be brought to. It doesn't need any further attention, it just wants to be there.

Babies don't suffer from the heat in a baby carrier?

Dr. Gene Anderson, a doctor who has done a lot of research on the kangaroo method, says: “In research done with mothers and premature babies she noticed that the body temperature of both bodies, both that of the baby and that of the mother, immediately they increased. At some point, the mother's temperature decreased and then increased again when the baby also lowered his temperature. The mother therefore acts as a thermostat that regulates the baby's temperature in a natural way."

How much time per day should I carry my baby?

Assuming that there is no "must", we report what Dr. Anderson indicated: "Carry as much as possible, but even 30 minutes a day has an effect".

We add: as long as you feel comfortable and/or are not tired. (Carrying for a long time can be tiring, especially if you are not trained).

Baby feels so tight in the carrier, won't it hurt?

After 9 months curled up in the mother's womb, finding limited space gives newborns a sense of security and containment. In any case, a newborn who is uncomfortable always finds a clear way to make you understand!

Remember to check that the airlines are not blocked, here is all the important information for your safety.

Can wearing a baby in particular situations be useful?

In an MHUG a child feels protected, loved and cared for. During colic, when he puts his first teeth or simply in a moment of crisis there is no better place for him to be. Close to you. And then you can always distract yourself from a better perspective!

Can I bring my baby "facing the street"?

“It is not recommended because it forces the baby's back into a non-physiological curve and puts all the weight on the genitals. It is also a disadvantageous position for the bearer because it shifts the center of gravity, putting too much load on the column. In this position, the child cannot seek reassurance by leaning on you and filter external stimuli through your gaze. And he cannot fall asleep peacefully."

From “A baby wants to be carried”, Eveline Kirkilionis.


What shipping options are there

We use different couriers, and different shipping options are available. When you check out, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Can I choose a specific date for delivery?

At the moment it is not possible, we are sorry.

I wasn't home when the courier came. What happen?

The courier will try to pass again. Should it still not find you, the shipment will have to be released and the costs for a third passage will be at your expense.

We recommend, in the absence of a concierge, to enter an address where delivery is possible (e.g. local shop).

In case of problems, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to, we will do everything we can to support you.

In the event of non-delivery due to an Absent Recipient, the Recipient is given the right to request free redelivery of the shipment within 3 days following the first delivery attempt; starting from the 4th day of storage, the costs of opening the storage file and the additional ancillary costs envisaged by the agreement will be charged with the storage costs being charged from that day.

By mistake I communicated an incorrect address, what happens?

In case of non-delivery due to incorrect address, they will be charged
storage costs (which vary depending on the courier used) starting from the day following the first valid delivery attempt.

In which packaging is my order shipped?

In line with a more conscious approach, we are trying, even in packaging, to opt for more environmentally friendly solutions. You will receive your order in a box or in our MHUG recycled cardboard pouch, both convenient and reusable. If, however, you have chosen a gift package, your order will arrive inside a very particular envelope, created with our "ONCE I WAS..." program: high fashion fabrics from production surpluses, otherwise destined for waste.

If you want to know more, click here

Where can I find the tracking order to monitor the shipment of my order?

Once the order is completed you will receive an email with the instructions and the tracking number. If you haven't received it, check your spam. For any problem, you can certainly contact us by email at

What return policy does Mhug have?

You have 14 days to change your mind from when you receive your order. We accept returns that are in perfect condition:

  • The products you wish to return must be returned in a resalable condition, so be sure to return everything in its original condition, including information material and any accessories.
  • Used products cannot be accepted as returns. A product is considered used when it is used with a child.
  • You may use any courier at your discretion, cost and risk.
  • Once the product(s) has been received, it will be inspected and if the conditions are met we will proceed within 14 days to refund your purchase through the channel/platform you used.
  • If your return does not occur under the conditions listed above, we will not be able to issue a refund and the package will be sent back to you.
  • If you placed your order with a gift card or voucher, and the product qualifies for return, a new code will be issued within 14 days of receipt.
  • Any refund may have a maximum value of the amount paid to Mhug. We will not refund any taxes or customs costs, nor shipping costs spent by you to send the product to us.

For more information you can learn more on our Shipping and Returns page.


Can I change/cancel my order after payment?

If your order hasn't shipped yet, yes, we can modify it (including shipping information) or cancel it.

In one of the above cases it is important to promptly send an email to , indicating the order number

Are taxes included in the final price?

It depends on the country of destination. As far as Italy is concerned, taxes (VAT) are already included and there will be no extra costs on delivery.

In some countries, however, the price does not include import taxes and customs and the payment of the same may be required upon delivery.

To find out the final price, remember to enter the country where the delivery will take place.

What payments are accepted?

It is possible to pay in many ways: credit cards, Satispay, Paypal, Apple payment, Scalapay, bank transfer.

Where can I find the order confirmation?

Once the order is completed, an email will automatically be sent to the address used to complete it. If you haven't received it, check that it isn't in your "junk mail" folder or that you haven't entered the wrong address by mistake. If you have registered, you can download your receipt in the "My orders" section. .

Are there installment payments?

Not directly, but it is possible to pay in installments with our partners Paypal or Scalapay.


The first hug

Semi-elastic band in Bamboo, enveloping and safe, like mom and dad's arms. It is a soft cuddle, the ideal sling from birth up to 9 kg.

Also perfect for premature babies (after hearing the doctor's opinion).

The most versatile

Our flagship product, covered by patent. Compared to a normal baby carrier, it allows you to wrap the baby naturally following the line of his body. From 3.5 kg up to 18 kg.

For continuous "ups and downs"

The smallest baby carrier around, practical and quick to put on, it's perfect for accompanying the thousand requests " your arms!" . Indicated from when the child supports his head independently, from about 4-5 months up to 15 kg.

SLING - The ring band

From birth up to 18 kg. Usable from 3.5 kg up to 18 kg, our sling is an elegant "open tail" ring sling. This feature makes it perfect for discreet breastfeeding and wind protection.


Strengthen the bond

Contact brings greater well-being: it develops endorphins, your baby feels protected by your proximity, your smell and the sound of your voice.

Carrying accompanies the development of premature babies (kangaroo therapy).

Less crying

The cry of a very young child is often a signal, a call to satisfy an important need: the newborn seeks and manifests as best he can the desire to be in a safe and known place: close to you. In a MHUG baby carrier you relax, and by relaxing you will more easily abandon yourself to a satisfying sleep. He won't demand further (and often tiring) attention, he just wants to be there .

Promotes healthy autonomy

To make a child independent, one must first make him secure. If you do the reverse process, you will get the opposite effect. A newborn feels safe having you close, better still in contact. Taking away this certainty can undermine his sense of security, and security is the basic requirement of autonomy.


M position

In this position, the child correctly unloads the weight without putting pressure on the genitals and hips, which are very delicate in the first months of life. At birth the child does not take it naturally, he will do it gradually. which is why you don't need to force the legs apart.

Respect the baby's physiology

It is the position that allows your child to follow its natural development. A child is constantly growing, the spine (strong but at the same time very delicate organ) and the hips must be protected: the effects of wrong habits can manifest themselves seriously even after a long time.

Correct weight distribution

The heavier the child becomes, the more important it is for the support to distribute its weight over a large area of ​​the carrier's torso. MHUG baby carriers protect your back thanks to the wide shoulder straps.


Make everyday life easier

Dedicating yourself to older siblings, getting on public transport, shopping, walking the dog, taking care of a thousand chores, everything is easier without the encumbrance of cribs and strollers!

Perfect for breastfeeding

Contact brings greater well-being, helps and stimulates breastfeeding on request. The upright position reduces colic.

Hands free

With MHUG you have your hands free, and this is a great advantage to be able to do what you want better!

As seen in

Dr. Antonio Marra, Head - Neonatal Intensive Care

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Dr. Ilaria Stucchi, Neonatologist.

Read everything

Dr. Marina Baldocci, Obstetrician.

Read everything

Dr. Piera Angela Bongiovanni, Obstetrician

Read everything

Dr. Maria Grazia Biagini

Read everything

Dr. Silvain MIstichelli, Osteopath

Read everything

Dr. Federica Mattei, Psychologist

Read everything

Dr. Franco de Luca. Pediatrician and author of "Children and too many medicines".

Read everything

Dr. Emanuela Geraci, Prenatal Counselor and Doula

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Dr. Angela Di Noia, midwife and breastfeeding consultant

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Dr. Laura Allemagna, expert in neonatal bioenergetic massage.

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Dr. Daniela Uslenghi, Psychologist and Director of the Hoffman Institute.

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Ospedale Moncalieri Torino

Since May 2012, the Pediatrics-Neonatal Intensive Care unit of the Santa Croce Hospital in Moncalieri, which I direct, has started a collaboration with MHUG aimed at the implementation and facilitation of Marsupial therapy in our ward. The project consists of training for NICU operators and the supply of specific bamboo fiber slings for premature babies designed together with MHUG... to facilitate skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby. The mothers accepted and appreciated them.

Dr. Antonio Marra
Head - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Santa Croce Hospital, Moncalieri (Turin)
Ospedale Buzzi Milano

The maternal uterus is a protected, warm and reassuring environment and it is the first environment in which the fetus becomes aware and begins to experiment with the use of the senses. There are countless mechanisms that allow all of this, but the need for CONTAINMENT and safety is of fundamental importance. MHUG baby carriers meet all these needs, allowing the mother to move freely while taking her baby with her.

Dr. Ilaria Stucchi
NICU Neonatologist and Neonatal Pathology Buzzi Hospital, Milan
Ospedale Policlinico Umberto I di Roma

I tried the MHUG Mei Tai without looking at the instructions and was able to fix it easily! The children liked it falling asleep blessed, it's really very comfortable; I particularly like it because it is not bulky and therefore easily portable everywhere. I would recommend it to the moms I follow!

Dr. Marina Baldocci
Head Midwife Maternity Policlinico Umberto I, Rome Italian Coordinator IBCLE (International Board of Lactation Consultants Examinators)
Ospedale San Giuseppe Milano

MHUG Mei Tai is truly a quality buy. Parents spend too much on useless or very short-lived objects, while MHUG Mei Tai is a unique tool: it is indispensable in the first few months to encourage contact and containment and is so versatile that it follows the baby's growth. Every mom should have one!

Dr. Piera Angela Bongiovanni
Chief Maternity Midwife San Giuseppe Hospital, Milan

Finally a baby carrier that: respects the physiology of the newborn and the child and respects the flexion pattern of the newborn which is essential for his comfort and correct development in the first months of life. The MHUG baby carrier also offers excellent comfort to the mother, allowing her to breastfeed comfortably.

Silvain Mistichelli
Osteopath DO registered in the register of Italian Osteopaths
Copertina libro La vita dei non nati Dott.ssa Emanuela Geraci

I found that the position of the legs with the MHUGs is much better than that of the common fanny packs. We had already talked with the mothers about the importance of Contact and the presentation of MHUG came at just the right time. These baby carriers really fascinated me and now I always notice babies in baby carriers on the street and I feel like stopping those mothers and offering them only the MHUGs!

Dr. Emanuela Geraci
Founder and teacher of “La Scuola delle Doule” – Pisa
Mondo Doula

Practical like a backpack, soft like a hug!

Maria Grazia Biagini
Home midwife, founder of the site, founder and teacher of "La Scuola delle Doule" - Pisa

MHUG Mei Tai is a very valid alternative to the baby carriers on the market because it is much lighter. It can be used for newborns, for older children, on the back and on the stomach. Folded it can be kept comfortably in a bag.

Dr Federica Mattei
Psychologist and president of the Bimbinfascia Association – Florence
copertina libro Bambini e (troppe) medicine Dott. Franco De Luca

"Let me hug you!" it is a fundamental book for new parents that I also recommend to young doctors starting their specialization in pediatrics.

Dr. Franco De Luca
Pediatrician Author of the book "Children and too many medicines", The green lion, 2009
Copertina libro Il neonato e i suoi segreti Dott.ssa Angela Dinoia

MHUG baby carriers really make life easier for mothers because they leave hands free and allow you to breastfeed anywhere. Days with the newborn are less stressful and the return to everyday life is faster. This is why I recommend them to my patients.

Angela Dinoia
Midwife and Professional Breastfeeding Consultant – Milan Author of “The newborn and its secrets”
Centro studi Reich

"CONTACT" is a manifestation of Love, it creates and nourishes the subtle bond between mother and newborn ... In the first days and months of life it creates the "secure base" on which the future person will rise and develop, in its expressions affective and in its social achievements.

Laura Allemagna
Expert in Neonatal Bioenergetic Massage and Emotional First Aid "EVA REICH" Study Center in Rome.
Istituto Hofman Milano

Reading "Let yourself be embraced!", chapter after chapter I felt transported into a space of warmth, closeness, love. The author has managed to make her words "heard": through them, in fact, one slowly comes to feel embraced and pampered.

Dr. Daniela Uslenghi
psychologist, psychotherapist and scientific director of the Hoffman Institute

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