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MHUG: made in Italy babywear projected towards the future, based on the naturalness of the most important relationship of human life

Babywearing is a dimension that in most of the world is already undergoing an interesting reinterpretation, as an essential dimension of daily life and, in particular, of a fundamental aspect of our existence: the relationship between parent and child, which cannot but be direct , highly physical, marked by a bodily contact that transmits not only warmth and protection, but above all the continuity and natural necessity of the most important - and determining - interpersonal relationship for mankind.

It's easy to find the key – and winning – elements of the contemporary and timeless interpretation that the very Italian brand MHUG (Mother Hug, literally a mother's hug) offers of babywear.

Easy to tell and at the same time the result of a culture for the product that can only be Italian. Totally and consciously. In the choice of materials , above all, which favor naturalness as an absolute value. In the accuracy of the workmanship, which renews a tradition of love for the quality and uniqueness of the result. In the utmost attention to detail - first of all the color combinations and the finishes - which, as always, "make the difference".

Indeed, MHUG has designed and created baby carriers as an alternative to prams and pushchairs . Simple, healthy and comfortable to wear and use, beautiful and elegant, light and, once folded, reduced in size so that it can be slipped into a bag.

Above all, proposed in a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns, combinations and chromatic contrasts, equipped with finishes that are highly practical and at the same time decidedly refined. Accompanied by a series of accessory products - from changing tables to slippers, from blankets to ponchos - but there is much more in MHUG's DNA .

There is an emphasis on the infinite importance of the physical relationship between parents and children , made up of warmth, contact, bodily closeness, the transmission of sensations. A value that represents the lowest common denominator of all the products in the line and of the baby carriers in the first place, which, in some way, want to prolong the conditions of safety and total protection that the baby enjoyed during the nine months of its gestation.

It is perhaps the MHUG logo that best "tells" this value : two sunny orange circles, one larger and one smaller, to represent parent and child . The circle as a symbol of perfection and completeness. Orange to symbolize warmth, serenity, intensity, indispensable in this extraordinary understanding, the first in the life of every child, the most important for every parent.

There is the interpretation and updating of traditions foreign to our culture in the bodily relationship between parent and child , also in this with a focus on naturalness, spontaneity, immediacy. Bringing all this back to a dimension and a lifestyle that cannot ignore the need for practicality, speed and comfort. Also in the care of our children. Without obviously forgetting its well-being and safety.

 There is, again, the will to consider the health and correct growth of the little ones as primary references in the study and implementation of each project , so that they are active and involved, truly "living" in contact with the adult. A physical and bodily growth, but even more sensory, intellectual, emotional.

Without forgetting the importance of a natural, non-constricting posture, pleasant for both human beings who constantly confront each other, enriching each other's life experience, from the very first steps of a common path. With the possibility of modulating and modifying the posture easily, expanding the range of solutions. Always keeping in mind according to absolutely scientific - and scientifically proven - criteria the need for a harmonious and healthy development of that marvelous and unique machine which is the human body.

Without forgetting that each posture allows the child to stay high compared to the harmful fumes of cars, for example, just as it allows the parent to have their hands free, to move with agility and speed, to carry the child with them in all conditions climate. Always have it with you.

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Also perfect for premature babies (after hearing the doctor's opinion).

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Our flagship product, covered by patent. Compared to a normal baby carrier, it allows you to wrap the baby naturally following the line of his body. From 3.5 kg up to 18 kg.

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