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Anti Waste Projects

Now it is called "sustainability", we have always defined it as " anti-waste attitude ". A constant commitment, in our small way, to try to impact the environment as little as possible with our work.

This photo of one of our children contains the motivation: the need to be part of a change, for us and for them.

Recycled yarns

They recreate the Poncho

The first project dates back to 2008, when we decided to create our own line of accessories whose fabric was obtained from recycled plastic bottles: fleece ponchos and covers branded Mirohlife, a very Italian company that was a pioneer in the recycling world at the time.

MHUG Packaging


This is the photo of our first packaging. Designed immediately as reusable, designed with a practical handle to be transportable. We suggested to our customers, with drawings and writings, possible future uses.

"Once I was..."

Gift boxes and capsule collections

This project led us to find waste of precious fabrics, destined for waste, deriving from extra production or unsold collections to produce elegant and unique gift packages. Envelopes, clutches and fabric bags that many customers then reuse as handbags, jewelry boxes and in other ways.
Thanks to this project:

  • we were able to eliminate pre-existing packaging, replacing it with unique and precious pieces;
  • create capsule collections for our covers .

Navaretti laboratories

Italian excellence

Thanks to the generosity of its founder, we were lucky enough to receive part of the Navaretti trimmings archive, an Italian excellence that unfortunately has ceased to exist. They are the trimmings inside the Duomo, and those that have adorned the creations of designers such as Valentino.
Destined for pulping, these jewels of high craftsmanship now adorn the packaging of our limited editions.

Paper Reduction

40% decrease

The agents asked us for very large packaging, to make the product more visible in the points of sale. Initially we followed their advice, then we decided to reduce the size. Result: less space taken up in transport (therefore fewer emissions) and a 40% reduction in cardboard used per single pack.

Elimination of plastic

Our accessories included a plastic package. We certainly encouraged reuse, but it was always plastic. We have gradually replaced this material with fabric packaging, initially obtained from our own waste from cutting raw materials, then integrated with precious fabrics from our "Once I was" project.

MHUG accessories

I use fabric scraps

Unfortunately, textile production involves a lot of waste. In the cutting phase, for example, where the product components are made, following the templates, large quantities of fabric are left on the table. From the beginning we have reused them and given them new life: for example, from bamboo and Mei Tai waste we produce our changing tables and slippers.

Medical community

Dr. Antonio Marra, Head - Neonatal Intensive Care

Head - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Santa Croce Hospital, Moncalieri (Turin)

Dr. Ilaria Stucchi, Neonatologist.

Neonatologist TIN and Neonatal Pathology Buzzi Hospital, Milan

Dr. Marina Baldocci

Chief Midwife Maternity Policlinico Umberto I, Rome IBCLE Italian Coordinator

(International Board of Lactation Consultants Examiners)

San Giuseppe Hospital, Milan

Dr. Silvain Mistichelli

Osteopath DO registered in the register of Italian Osteopaths

Dr. Maria Grazia Biagini

Home midwife, founder and teacher of "La Scuola delle Doule" - Pisa

Dr Federica Mattei

Psychologist and president of the Bimbinfascia Association – Florence

Dr. Franco De Luca

Pediatrician Author of the book "Children and too many medicines", The green lion, 2009

Dr. Emanuela Geraci

Prenatal Counselor Founder and teacher of “La Scuola delle Doule” – Pisa

Dr. Angela Dinoia

Midwife and Professional Breastfeeding Consultant – Milan Author of

"The Newborn and His Secrets"

Dr. Laura Allemagna

Expert in Neonatal Bioenergetic Massage and Emotional First Aid "EVA REICH" Study Center in Rome.

Dr. Daniela Uslenghi

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Scientific Director

Hoffman Institute




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