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Our special initiatives

In recent years we have launched various activities to disseminate Babywearing as a tool to support families, here are some, starting from our great pride in having organised, in 2012, the FIRST Italian BABYWEARING Convention:


The first Italian convention on Babywearing

We organized the first conference on the topic, where experts from the world of psychology, neonatology and childcare spoke on various topics:

  • Dr. Alessandra Bortolotti, perinatal psychologist, explored the themes of her best-seller “And if he then gets addicted?” on the topic of carrying.
  • Dr. Antonio Marra, neonatologist, head physician at the Santa Croce Hospital in Moncalieri, Turin, illustrated the benefits of carrying for newborns and in particular for premature babies.
  • Dr. Maria Teresa Nardi, specialized in music therapy practices, addressed the playful theme of sound dialogue between mother and child.

Our first "collaboration"

...when it wasn't called that yet...

The first limited edition collection of the MHUG&ARTS project: 'Tomoko for MHUG'.

Tomoko Nagao is a Japanese artist and designer, exponent of the Micropop culture, graduated from Chelsea College Art and Design MA in London and moved to Milan, together with MHUG she has decided to propose an innovative and original collection, intended for the most demanding mothers and with an artistic streak.

Tomoko for MHUG takes inspiration directly from the artist's works on canvas and is made up of five elements, all designed to guarantee maximum comfort for the child during his games but also to satisfy the practical needs and aesthetic taste of the mother.

An opportunity to get to know companies in the family and child welfare sector, which are innovative and attentive to quality, ethical principles and respect for the environment.

A moment to experiment with ancient and new wellness techniques such as yoga during pregnancy, pilates for mother and child, traditional Ayurvedic infant massage for newborns, Ayurvedic medicine revisited according to Western needs.

Race for the cure


MHUG at the service of the Komen event. Three days of health, sport and well-being to fight breast cancer.

Milan Film Festival

Service to allow mothers to follow the event without being encumbered by strollers.

MHUG for Aidos

Project adopt a mother

Fund raising in collaboration with Aidos to guarantee medical assistance to pregnant women, to be born in safety and harmony.

Gyrotonic and MHUG

MHUG STUDIO project, born in collaboration with Katia Rizzello, GYROTONIC® Trainer and official physiotherapist of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

Salone del Gusto Turin

MHUG is present with the headband service, to wander around the stands in complete freedom

The commitment to the territory and the environment has been renewed thanks to the project that has made the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre an event with reduced environmental impact for five editions now . Indeed , this year the bar becomes even higher with the launch of a new project which aims to also act on aspects of sustainability at a social , cultural, sensorial and economic level in the next three editions . Thanks to a team of 60 companies involved , environmental actions such as separate waste collection , the choice of construction materials , the reduction of energy consumption and the logistics of goods are now consolidated .

Medical community

Dr. Antonio Marra, Head - Neonatal Intensive Care

Head - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Santa Croce Hospital, Moncalieri (Turin)

Dr. Ilaria Stucchi, Neonatologist.

Neonatologist TIN and Neonatal Pathology Buzzi Hospital, Milan

Dr. Marina Baldocci

Chief Midwife Maternity Policlinico Umberto I, Rome IBCLE Italian Coordinator

(International Board of Lactation Consultants Examiners)

San Giuseppe Hospital, Milan

Dr. Silvain Mistichelli

Osteopath DO registered in the register of Italian Osteopaths

Dr. Maria Grazia Biagini

Home midwife, founder and teacher of "La Scuola delle Doule" - Pisa

Dr Federica Mattei

Psychologist and president of the Bimbinfascia Association – Florence

Dr. Franco De Luca

Pediatrician Author of the book "Children and too many medicines", The green lion, 2009

Dr. Emanuela Geraci

Prenatal Counselor Founder and teacher of “La Scuola delle Doule” – Pisa

Dr. Angela Dinoia

Midwife and Professional Breastfeeding Consultant – Milan Author of

"The Newborn and His Secrets"

Dr. Laura Allemagna

Expert in Neonatal Bioenergetic Massage and Emotional First Aid "EVA REICH" Study Center in Rome.

Dr. Daniela Uslenghi

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Scientific Director

Hoffman Institute




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