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The Travel baby carrier

MHUG Travel, the handbag baby carrier, is practical and light, it can be put on in a single gesture, like a T-shirt.

MHUG Travel maintains all the fundamental features to respect the natural physiology of children: the child is comfortably seated and not 'hanging', his back is supported, the position of the hips is correctly spread apart. It is indicated for all children from about 4 to 18 months (tested up to 15 kg) , from when they are able to independently support their little head.

MHUG Travel also thinks about the well-being of parents. The wide shoulder straps, together with the special back band, guarantee comfort and respect for the health of the back, distributing the weight of the child well on mum or dad's torso.



Why a MHUG Travel

Travel is the smallest baby carrier around.

Ideal for short journeys, for moments of "mammite" or "papite", for all those times when he asks to be picked up (and a second later to get off!).

Folded it measures 15x15 cm

Composition and washing

Travel is machine washable, for more information, follow the instructions on the label.

Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester.

Main features

Very easy and quick to wear, like a T-shirt.

Available in two sizes, one for mums and one for dads

Is it suitable for long walks?

No, for long walks we recommend our Mei Tai

From when can it be used?

It is indicated for all children from when they start to support their neck independently (around the 4th month) up to around 18 months. It is tested up to 15 kg

Quick and easy, like putting on a T-shirt.


Practical and light, an indispensable accessory when travelling, MHUG Travel is the smallest baby carrier there is!

Difficulty: 1, low

Baby's position: tummy to tummy

Age group: from around 4 months*

Cover Type: Double Layer

Note : *use from when the child supports his head independently

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"Beyond the excellent quality and comfort of the product (once folded it fit in my jacket pocket). It's also very easy and intuitive: I was able to take my son on the Travel for months. And if I managed to do it, that I'm the clumsiest man in the world, really anyone can do it".

George Gherarducci
gialappa's band

After using Mei Tai with great satisfaction, I tried Travel, MHUG is a guarantee!

Barbara Nicoli
Fashion Casting director

I didn't know MHUG, it was given to me by a friend: the size immediately struck me, it can also be put in small bags. Using it I appreciated the ease and comfort. I advise!

Pansi Hillisberger
Fashion sales director Elie Saab

Piccolo come un portagioie è venduto con in dotazione la sua pratica bustina pochette.

Alli Beltrame
co-founder Mhug

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