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We at Mhug, a story that began in 2006

2006, the beginning

Like many things in life, Mhug also arises from a need,

in this case of two working mums, one a freelancer and the other an entrepreneur.

Both with the good fortune of being able to organize their time without the rigid hours of an office, but still, like all working mothers, always on the move or in a hurry. Always with the atavistic sense of guilt (very feminine) and the feeling of never being able to keep up with everything.

How to satisfy the all-natural need to be close to your baby, without always having to choose between work and motherhood? So impossible to try, wherever possible, to take it with you? How to do with computers, documents, pacifiers and diapers, and a baby in your arms? A bulky crib or stroller was certainly not the answer, especially for those of us who live in the city, on and off public transport.

The market then, it was 2006, didn't offer many alternatives, there was no attention to ergonomics, the so-called "carrier" mothers were looked at like witches in the Middle Ages; the (few) babies in the (few) existing supports were hung like sacks of potatoes and, facing the street, like stockfish. Not exactly an attractive panorama… These two moms decided to try and create something that could fully satisfy their needs.

It was 2006...

It is the MHUG logo that best "tells" our message: two sunny orange circles, one larger and one smaller, to represent parent and child. The circle as a symbol of perfection and completeness. Orange to symbolize warmth, serenity, intensity, indispensable in this extraordinary understanding, the first in the life of every child, the most important for every parent.

Lycia Negri
our message

...and a woman moves, walks, sometimes runs. Talk, listen, participate in the world. He works, has passions, grows day by day. In short: a mother is a woman. MHUG is for her. Cottons, velvets and colors for every day. Precious fabrics and luminous jewels for the versions dedicated to special occasions. And many Covers, because it is possible to change your look, also thanks to a baby carrier. Because being a mother doesn't mean giving up being casual and cared for and indulging in some small vanity.

A mother is always a woman

Your and your children's safety and well-being are our priority

Satisfied with the various steps, we arrived (finally!) at the last step: the laboratory tests, which we also requested for parameters not required at the time by European law.

There's no joke about safety .

Therefore, physical-mechanical tests to ensure the tightness and durability of the products; chemical tests, to ensure that the fabrics did not contain potentially toxic substances; flammability tests, to test its potential propagation.

After about a year, we finally reached production, and with great pleasure, already with many orders to fulfill, those of the mothers who saw us out and about with our babies, beautifully peaceful (and often asleep) in our MHUGs.

We use safe, certified fabrics (including Oeko-Tex, Gots). We have also tested our fabrics independently, making use of the skills of the Innov-hub laboratories, a company wholly owned by the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

safe fabrics

One of our founders has been a UNI (Italian Standardization Body) delegate since 2012. As an Italian expert, he sits in one of the groups of the technical body dedicated to childcare safety for which he participates in the European work tables of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization).


There are no plastic elements in our baby carriers. We don't particularly like this material, and we also believe it is safer to use alternative locking systems than snap ones.


Producing in Italy is certainly less rewarding from an economic point of view, the cost of labor is higher but it is for us, who feel more secure in being able to control localized and controlled production and be certain that workers are protected.

entirely Italian production


The best place to put your child. Close to you!

MHUG, is a portmanteau of two English words, "mother" and "hug", literally "mother's hug" .

It is a premium line of baby carriers entirely produced in Italy. We have been present, alongside the mothers, since 2006 .

The project stems from the belief that parent-baby contact , from the first days of life, as well as being a powerful form of love, is essential to reassure and make a newborn feel protected .

Our product line comes from the collaboration with doctors, midwives and doulas, who have helped us to design supports of the highest quality, each component is in fact carefully chosen to ensure well-being and health .

Mhug Mei Tai is a patented product.


What are the differences between a MHUG baby carrier and a common baby carrier?

In MHUG baby carriers, the physiological position of the newborn is respected. The well-being of the bearer's back is guaranteed, since the child's weight is spread over a large surface area, unlike other baby carriers.

The structure of the MHUG supports, soft and enveloping, does not compress or press on the baby's spine. The seated position, and not hanging (as in many baby carriers), allows you to unload the weight on the bottom and not on the genitals.

MHUG baby carriers can be worn in different positions, they don't strain your back and you can use them for years!

What does it mean to be a high contact parent?

Continuous contact with parents is not a vice but a necessity developed over millions of years of evolution. Without this innate sense of attachment, human babies would not have survived and our species would have quickly become extinct. Responding to your baby's calls will increase his confidence, making him independent without anxiety or stress on both of you.

Learn from other cultures

A millenary tradition

Carrying is not a modern invention. In fact, the anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy places their first appearance 50,000 years ago, arguing that baby carriers have been crucial in human evolution: thanks to their invention, women had the opportunity to take their children with them to the fields without having to stay at home to take care of them, thus being able to combine work and care : a condition not possible before then. Particularly in warmer countries, where infant deaths are often caused by dehydration, taking the child to work was an excellent remedy: breastfeeding (on request and very frequent) guaranteed the baby the necessary fluid intake to survive.

( Source: Licia Negri, "Let yourself be embraced!", ed. Trevisini )


What is Babywearing?

Babywearing means "wearing - or carrying - your baby attached to you in a soft baby carrier. This practice has been adopted by mothers all over the world for thousands of years. The benefits of prolonged mother-baby contact are notable: both practical, physical and above all psychological. For both.

The concept of the continuum: what is it?

It is a treatise on human nature written by Jeann Liedloff which places emphasis on that very first phase of the child's life which is called "in arms phase". An intimate connection that has the ability to reassure and convey the feeling of being wanted and deserving of being in the world.

What is skin-to-skin?

It is a natural method, which has become revolutionary. It is the basis of marsupiotherapy (or kangaroo mother care), discovered by chance in Colombia in 1978 by two doctors: due to an insufficiency of incubators in the tins of Bogota, the babies were kept close to the mothers' bodies for as long as possible . Thanks to the prolonged skin-to-skin contact, the conditions stabilized. Dr Martinez, one of the two researchers who discovered it, specifies: "more than anything else, the method ensures a great strengthening of the bond between mother and child and supports an emotional balance (...) it is a model of humanized care" .

Made in Italy, right away: a conscious choice

By mutual agreement, an important choice was made: to produce everything in Italy , a choice that was consistently maintained even after more than 16 years, despite the temptation of low-cost production overseas.

100% Made in Italy, from day one: entirely Italian workmanship, the real and demonstrable one! We know that the loosely knit law allows the wording "Made in Italy" to be affixed even if a large part of the processing takes place abroad, often outside Europe, where the conditions of workers and workplaces are not always fair and healthy . We, with pride (and a lot of effort!) produce everything in Italy.

Not only quality assurance and production control. Operating locally has allowed us to cultivate beautiful human relationships over the years and to learn from the expertise of our craftsmen.


The Italian touch, as it is defined abroad. That natural propensity for beauty that is envied all over the world. It is here in Italy that we find the most beautiful fabrics, the most sought-after patterns, which we constantly look for in our work.


Our products are made in small local businesses, mainly led by women. We like to work like this, the work done by hand. In the local laboratories we find expert and competent people, places of tradition, ability and know-how.



Dr. Antonio Marra, Head - Neonatal Intensive Care

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Dr. Ilaria Stucchi, Neonatologist.

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Dr. Marina Baldocci, Obstetrician.

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Dr. Piera Angela Bongiovanni, Obstetrician

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Dr. Maria Grazia Biagini

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Dr. Silvain MIstichelli, Osteopath

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Dr. Federica Mattei, Psychologist

Read everything

Dr. Franco de Luca. Pediatrician and author of "Children and too many medicines".

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Dr. Emanuela Geraci, Prenatal Counselor and Doula

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Dr. Angela Di Noia, midwife and breastfeeding consultant

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Dr. Laura Allemagna, expert in neonatal bioenergetic massage.

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Dr. Daniela Uslenghi, Psychologist and Director of the Hoffman Institute.

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Ospedale Policlinico Umberto I di Roma

I tried the MHUG Mei Tai without looking at the instructions and I managed to fix it easily! The children liked it and fell asleep blissfully, it's really very comfortable; I particularly like it because it is not bulky and therefore easily portable everywhere. I would recommend it to the mothers I follow!”

Dr. Marina Baldocci
Head Midwife Maternity Policlinico Umberto I, Rome Italian Coordinator IBCLE (International Board of Lactation Consultants Examinators)
copertina libro Bambini e (troppe) medicine Dott. Franco De Luca

Let yourself be embraced" is an essential book for new parents that I also recommend to young doctors starting their specialization in pediatrics

Dr. Franco De Luca
Pediatrician Author of the book "Children and too many medicines", The green lion, 2009
Ospedale San Giuseppe Milano

MHUG Mei Tai is truly a quality buy. Parents spend too much on useless or very short-lived objects, while MHUG Mei Tai is a unique tool: it is indispensable in the first few months to encourage contact and containment and is so versatile that it follows the baby's growth for many years. Every mom should have one!

Dr. Piera Angela Bongiovanni
Chief Maternity Midwife San Giuseppe Hospital, Milan
Ospedale Moncalieri Torino

“Since May 2012, the Pediatrics-Neonatal Intensive Care unit of the Santa Croce Hospital in Moncalieri, which I direct, has started a collaboration with MHUG aimed at implementing and facilitating Marsupial therapy in our ward. If you want to continue reading

Dr. Antonio Marra
Head - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Santa Croce Hospital, Moncalieri (Turin)

Finally a baby carrier that: - respects the physiology of the newborn and the child - respects the flexion pattern of the newborn which is essential for his comfort and correct development in the first months of life The MHUG baby carrier also offers excellent comfort to the mother, allowing her to breastfeed comfortably

Silvain Mistichelli
Osteopath DO registered in the register of Italian Osteopaths
Copertina libro La vita dei non nati Dott.ssa Emanuela Geraci

I invited a Mhug-etta, who is also a student of the "School of Doule" to the preparatory course that I lead. I was very impressed by the information he gave, for example I found that the position of the legs with the MHUGs is much better than that of the common baby carriers.

Dr. Emanuela Geraci
Founder and teacher of “La Scuola delle Doule” – Pisa
Mondo Doula

Practical like a backpack, soft like a hug!

Maria Grazia Biagini
Home midwife, founder of the site, founder and teacher of "La Scuola delle Doule" - Pisa
Ospedale Buzzi Milano

It was once believed that newborns, as they lack "experience" were simply governed by basic needs such as being fed or sleeping. To date, the theory of the child who learns only with experience is totally outdated and we know that emotions are innate, programmed.

Dr. Ilaria Stucchi
Neonatologist TIN and Neonatal Pathology Buzzi Hospital, Milan

MHUG Mei Tai is a very valid alternative to the baby carriers on the market because it is much lighter. Can be used for newborns to older children, on the back and on the stomach. Folded it can be kept comfortably in a bag.

Dr Federica Mattei
Psychologist and president of the Bimbinfascia Association – Florence
Copertina libro Il neonato e i suoi segreti Dott.ssa Angela Dinoia

MHUG baby carriers really make life easier for mothers because they leave hands free and allow you to breastfeed anywhere. Days with the newborn are less stressful and the return to everyday life is faster. This is why I recommend them to my patients.”

Angela Dinoia
Midwife and Professional Breastfeeding Consultant – Milan Author of “The newborn and its secrets”
Centro studi Reich

"CONTACT" is a manifestation of Love, it creates and nourishes the subtle bond between mother and newborn... In the first days and months of life it creates the "secure base" on which the future person will rise and develop, in its expressions affective and in its social achievements.

Laura Allemagna
Expert in Neonatal Bioenergetic Massage and Emotional First Aid "EVA REICH" Study Center in Rome.
Istituto Hofman Milano

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The best place to put your child. Close to you.