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Copertina in lana merino di colore carta da zucchero chiaro
Dettaglio con logo Mhug di copertina in lana merino di colore carta da zucchero chiaro
Copertina in lana merino di colore carta da zucchero chiaro

MHUG Blanket Boy

Very soft blanket in 100% pure merino wool, to protect your baby and keep him warm at all times.

Comfortable for the crib and, growing in the stroller. Made in Italy with quality and love.

Practical, with a triangular hood to protect the baby's head from the cold. Once bigger, it can be used as a warm shawl :-)

Made in an Italian laboratory, it measures 70cm x 80cm

Complete the look:

MHUG Blanket Boy

€69,00 EUR



Because since 2006 we have been dealing with childcare with love.

From the beginning and still today, our strong points are:

  • made in Italy,
  • certified raw materials,
  • attention to detail,
  • well-being of babies and parents.

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Made in Italy

The real and demonstrable one, a guarantee of quality and control over production.

Operating locally has also allowed us to cultivate beautiful human relationships over the years and to learn from the expertise of our artisans.

Safe and certified fabrics

We use certified fabrics (including Oeko-Tex, Gots). We also tested our fabrics independently, making use of the skills of the Innov-hub laboratories, a company entirely owned by the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Anti-waste projects

Since 2006 we have constantly looked for solutions to limit waste. Some of our accessories are produced using fabric scraps, which would otherwise have gone to waste.

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Change your look by changing the cover of your Mei Tai

Choose from the many patterns available

Change your look!

Created to transform your Mei Tai into an elegant, ceremonial, more colorful garment or simply for variety, the MHUG Covers are practical accessories in cotton, wool, silk and refined fabrics, all in limited edition . Choose which ones best match your Mei Tai and be amazed at how you can change your look , even thanks to a baby carrier.



  • Drag the slider left or right to see how to modify your Mei Tai with one of our covers!
  • In the photo, the cover " Questions of Hearts " on Mei Tai "Strawberry"
portabebè mhug mei tai collezione Monocolore modello Strawberry fondo bavero e bottoni a pressione rossi visione totale frontale del portabebè

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