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MHUG Mei Tai Sunny

Sunny and fun, to bring joy to a color on your walks! Made from 100% cotton.

Doubled yarn, totaling over 260g/m² , for excellent support and weight distribution. (Tolerance +/- 5%)

Watch the video to see how you can transform your Mei Tai, and your look, with the stunning MHUG Covers .

  • Safe
  • Practical
  • Comfortable
  • Patented
  • Quick to put on
  • Adjustable, it adapts to all body types.

In 100% doubled cotton: organic and certified, for total safety (children "suck" the fabrics and the substances are also absorbed through skin contact).
Doubled yarn, totaling over 260g/m² , for excellent support and weight distribution. (Tolerance +/- 5%).

Complete the look:

MHUG Mei Tai Sunny

€136,00 EUR


Why a Mei Tai (and not a normal fanny pack)?

A MHUG carrier, unlike preformed baby carriers, is soft and enveloping, and adapts perfectly to the growing child's body.

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Composition and washing

100% certified cotton, machine washable.

Up to what weight of the child is it used?

Our Mei Tai is tested up to 18 kg, but we advise you to listen and respect your body. Avoid overloading yourself if you are not trained.

The perfect birth gift

The perfect birth gift

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The perfect birth gift

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Hip health

Physiological position in M

In a MHUG carrycot, the hips are naturally wide apart, with the thighs supported by the support and the knees bent. In this position, called "M" or "folded spread" (often defined by the English term Spread Squatting Position ), the child's weight is well discharged without generating pressure on the hips.

Change your look!

Created to transform your Mei Tai into an elegant, ceremonial, more colorful garment or simply for variation, the MHUG Covers are practical accessories in cotton, wool, silk and refined fabrics, all in limited editions.



Match your look to the baby carrier with one of our many Covers

  • Drag the slider left or right to see how to modify your Mei Tai with one of our cases!

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Easy tutorials

Have you ever tried to bag a stroller?

How to fold the Mei Tai in a few moves.

1, 2,3... et voilà!


It was 2006, and these were our very first video instructions, when babywearing was considered a crazy idea with no future… we want to present them to you again. The video quality is outdated, but they're still good!

Belly to belly

Kangaroo position

  • Media type : Mei Tai.
  • Difficulty : 1 LOW.
  • Position of the child : tummy to tummy, "KANGAROO" style.
  • Age range : from 3.5 kg to 18 kg.
  • Type of cover : double layer plus light padding.

Note: Use when baby opens legs spontaneously.

On the back

Backpack location

Position to be used from about 5-6 months (each child is a world unto itself), of medium difficulty.

Get assistance if you are inexperienced, try until you feel confident next to a soft surface.

Note : suitable from when the child perfectly supports his head and controls the seat.


Una gamma completa di Portabebè per soddisfare ogni esigenza


medical references

Dr. Antonio Marra, Head - Neonatal Intensive Care

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Dr. Ilaria Stucchi, Neonatologist.

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Dr. Marina Baldocci, Obstetrician.

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Dr. Piera Angela Bongiovanni, Obstetrician

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Dr. Silvain MIstichelli, Osteopath

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Dr. Maria Grazia Biagini

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Dr. Federica Mattei, Psychologist

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Dr. Franco de Luca. Pediatrician and author of "Children and too many medicines".

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Dr. Emanuela Geraci, Prenatal Counselor and Doula

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Dr. Angela Di Noia, midwife and breastfeeding consultant

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Dr. Laura Allemagna, expert in neonatal bioenergetic massage.

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Dr. Daniela Uslenghi, Psychologist and Director of the Hoffman Institute.

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