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What is the best baby carrier

What is the best baby carrier?

The answer will not please everyone: there is no perfect product, the one that can best satisfy all the needs at every stage of growth and in the change in body size of the child and the wearer (yes, this is also an important factor).

Every child is different from the other, and like us adults, they have their preferences. And it is therefore normal for the little one to show them, liking one position and not another, even if both are correct.

Once you understand this, the good news is that there is the right support for your needs.

However, the advice is to take into consideration and evaluate these elements:

  • seat : what has been said for the other supports applies. We remind you that the natural curvature of the back (especially for the little ones) must be guaranteed, as well as correct positioning of the legs and hips;

  • hood/ support for the baby's head : essential for when he falls asleep. There is no standard size, so check that the size is appropriate for your child. It is also important that you are able to regulate it independently, in case he falls asleep on the go ;

  • material : it must be sufficiently resistant and heavy, of high weight and thread density. It can have single or double layer; natural and breathable fabrics should always be preferred, preferably if certified;

  • lumbar belt : if you have a large build, check that the length is sufficient for you;

  • reducer : allows the use of the baby carrier even for the little ones. Some brands offer reducers of various sizes, to be adopted from birth. Personally I think that these products, excellent in many respects, are more suitable for slightly older children; for newborns there is nothing more comfortable than the soft and enveloping embrace of a sling.

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